Justyna Rokicka

Justyna Rokicka
Psychotherapy Warsaw

psychologist | certified psychotherapist | European Certificate of Psychotherapy | PFP Certificate

(+48) 604-162-747
Nowolipki 14/20, Warsaw, Poland

Justyna Rokicka

Psychologist | Certified psychotherapist (European Certificate of Psychotherapy)

psychotherapy in English and Polish:

individual psychotherapy
psychotherapy for couples
family psychotherapy

Professional Profile

You ask yourself, how it is possible that you, who was coping so well, feels so helpless. You realize that this situation can not go on. Where to start?
I’d like to invite you to take the first step. Psychotherapy provides you with the support and safety to explore and understand the difficulties and challenges in your life in confidence.

I help people who struggle with various difficulties and people who are interested in their personal growth. In my work I focus on helping people increase their potential, self­esteem, develope strengths and cope with the challenges (Erickson's therapy and hypnotherapy). As a result of our meetings people will learn how to build better relationships with others, get greater satisfaction with their life and achieve goals in the future.

I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw
and completed the four year post graduate Neurolinguistic Therapy Study and Study of Family Therapy at Polish Erickson Institute, affiliated with the Polish Psychological Society (PTP). I am a certified psychotherapist (European Certificate of Psychotherapy ECP, PFP Certificate), practising therapy for over 10 years.

10+ years of experience

15 + years of training


100+ happy Clients

What I can do

Please contact me if you experience:

Lack of hope

Feel helpless with solving your problems, despite of many attempts; want to develop your potential and reach your goals.

Emotional problems

Can not cope with your own emotions, experiencing: stress, fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, jealousy.

Irrational habbits

Satisfy your needs in an irrational way (e.g.foolishly spend money, eat too much).

Relationship problems

Want to improve your relations with other people or your partner; experience problems in building and maintaining satisfying relationships, having conflicts and misunderstandings with others.

Psychosomatic problems

Have physical health problems associated with psychological issues.

Family problems

Seek help concerning your children and partner.

I'm currently available for discussing your problems

I continually master my skills by participating in numerous trainings and workshops. My work is subject to regular supervision.

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European Certificate of Psychotherapy

European Association for Psychotherapy


Certificate of Psychotherapy

Polish Federation of Psychotherapy


Study of Family Therapy

Polish Erickson Institute

2013 - 2014

Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy Study (NLPt)

Polish Institute of NLP

2004 - 2010

Faculty of Psychotherapy

University of Warsaw

2000 - 2005


Tredo­ Center of Psychotherapy

2007 - now

Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling

2007 - 2008

Center of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

2005 - 2007

MSWiA Hospital, Department of Neurosis Treatment


Academic Center of Psychotherapy, Warsaw University

2004 - 2005

Nowowiejska Psychiatric Clinic



Drop me a line or give me a ring. I love to hear you.

Contact me to see how I can help you cope with your personal situation so you can find more happiness in your life. All information shared by my clients during consultations and sessions is confidential.